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nomad's song

"Composing the “Silent Steppe Cantata” offers an opportunity to musically render different aspects of the complex and monumental history of Central Asia, while also imagining what the future holds for this country, interpreted and expressed in deeply humanistic terms. Envisioned as a musical, dramatic and visual portrayal of Central Asia with a spotlight on the Republic of Kazakhstan, it will unfold in segments of time that stretch back to the 12th century and project into the future." Composer Anne LeBaron 

We believe that it is politically, economically, and artistically powerful, and responsible, to form new and lasting relationships among diverse cultures in the world, and to promote and propagate peaceful dialogues among those cultures. By forming this intercultural exchange between the Americas and Central Asia, and emphasizing the vitality of dialogue, this project will increase and enhance the understanding and exposure of Central Asia to international audiences, especially in the U.S.

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